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To list out my dancing experience.


Ballet Student(8/1/1987-12/12/2002)
I started taking ballet classes the fall after I turned 3. I continued taking a ballet class through my fall semester as a freshman at FSU.

Tap Student (8/1/1987-6/1/2002)
I started tap at the same time I started ballet.

Jazz Student (8/1/1991-6/1/1998)
I started taking jazz/modern/hip-hop when I turned seven. It only lasted until I got into high school. Due to time restrictions, I had to give up one style of dance.

En Pointe (8/1/1995-6/1/2002)
I started pointe classes when I turned eleven.

Teaching Assistant (8/1/1995-6/1/1998)
I helped out my dance instructor in the younger classes during my three years in middle school. I stopped when I got into high school due to time restrictions.

I took a mentorship with my dance instructor during the spring semester of my senior year in high school. I taught a whole dance to a group of middle schoolers, and helped out in other classes as well.

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