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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I started dancing when I was three, taking ballet and tap. I took a liking to it and continued with it until I moved away from Texas after I graduated from high school. When I turned seven I started taking jazz class, but that only lasted until I about 14. When I turned 11, I started on pointe shoes. This was a unique experience for me because I was pushed into classes with girls that were way older than me.

I started assisting my dance instructor when I was eleven also. I helped out during classes, and a little with the administrative stuff. In my senior year of high school I did a mentorship with her during the spring semester. During this I was required to learn a dance, than teach it to a group. This group also had to make two performances. I taught a tap dance to Pink's Get the Party Started. The girls I taught were middle school aged. I also helped out in the younger classes, and sometimes I had to teach the whole class because the teacher was sick or had to do something else.

A little bit about me:

I was born and raised in Friendswood, Texas. This is a relatively small town near the NASA area in Southeast Houston. I am the middle child with one older brother and one younger brother. Being the only girl I have been spoiled rotten my entire life. I usually get what I want, and what I wanted was dance. So naturally I have pointe shoes ALL OVER my room.

I joined colorguard when I got into high school and had to learn how to juggle school, dance and guard. Then when I turned 16, I got a job. So basically in high school I had no life outside of those 4 areas. Now that I am in college, I am not doing any of the above except going to school, and taking dance classes when I can. :)


Dress Rehersal

5-6 Year Old class


Dancing store: Backstage Dancewear in Webster, Texas.

Brand of pointe shoes: Bloche.

Type of choreographed dance: Ballet.

Type of improv dancing: hip-hop or lyrical.

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