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Here are three pics from the classes that I taught, and one pic of my ballet group from the same year.



This picture was taken somewhere that I don't remember. I had a solo in the first and last(fourth) dance in the sequence. The other two dances consisted of one duet, and one trio. Also in the last dance there was a trio before my solo part.


My Tap Students

These are three of the four girls that I taught a tap dance to in the spring of 2002. They performed the dance at the Village Fair in League City, and at the recital on June 1, 2002.


My 8-10 Year Old Class (Tap)

I taught ballet and tap to this class. Their tap dance (in picture above) was to Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle. Their ballet dance (not shown) was to Somewhere Out There from the American Tail Soundtrack. They also had a jazz dance that I did not assist with, that was performed to Paula Abdul's Cold Hearted Snake.


My 5-6 Year Old Class (ballet)

This class only had ballet and tap classes, and I assisted with both. Their ballet dance was to La Bayadere, and their tap dance was to Rock'n Around the Clock. This was the funnest class to teach because all the kids are so cute at this age :)

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