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Ballet Schools:

The Houston Ballet Academy--I know two girls who went here. It is an excellent school if you live in the Houston area. They also have summer internships for people who do not live in Houston or the surrounding areas.

School of American Ballet: I hear this is an excellent school, although I don't know anyone who went here. Check out their web site for more details about thier programs.

Ballet Companies:

The Houston Ballet: I LOVE going to see thier performances in down town. Check out their web site for performance listings and dates.

American Ballet Theater: This is the national ballet company for the USA. Check out their site for info on their dancers and staff. You can also search for current and upcoming performances.

New York City Ballet: I adore going to see their performances when I am able to visit my family in NYC. Check out their web site for performances and cast info.

General Dance Links

Dance Magazine: Every dancer should be subscribed to this. It gives altest info on the dance world. :)

Ballet History: Here is a page that gives a short ballet summary and history. This is a good read, or an excellent source for any papers on ballet.

Ballet Dictionary: An excellent tool for dancers who need to brush up on their vocabulary. Also a handy-dandy tool for people studying the art of ballet, but have never used the terminology before.

Tap Dance: A tap-dancers number one site to bookmark. This site has every a tap dancer needs. And if it doesn't have the info, it has links to another page that does. :)

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