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My Life in Guard
Notices: Past, Current, and Future Members


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The Bulletin Board page is a section where members, new or old, can give advice or update other people. There are three different postings. Postings for new or potential members, made by new, present, and old members. Postings for current members made by new, current, and old memebers. And the postings for old memebers, made basically to update us on things going on with CBHS guard, or so that we can update current members on the life outside of high school :)

NOTICE:: You will be asked to login/register. This will not add you to any mailing lists or cost any money. It is strictly for the purpose for you to be able to add messages, and then go back and edit any message you have already posted. Again, you will not be asked for any vital information. :) Thanks




The Month in Review

Here, we might post comments we've received from members about the activities and direction of the club during the past month or mention some noteworthy events that occurred.


E-mail me quotes to put here. It doesn't HAVE to be guard related :)

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