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My Life in Guard
Background: 1998-2002


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My Freshman Year

My freshman year was very scary. There was not a lot of people in guard at the time, so there weren't many names I had to remember. Basically this year was an adjustment period. That lasted for a semester. Then I became one of three Cadet captains during winterguard season. The other two were Jackie and Danielle. Basically we I did was represent the whole cadet guard during the awards ceremony. I was on the dance, and sabre line. Then participated in the all flag feature at the end. :)

Sophmore/Junior Years

The middle years are kind of a blur. I was Lieutenant my sophmore year, and 1st Lieutenant my junior year. I was quickly engulfed in the responsibility that an officer had in these years, and I basically spent about 40% of my time in guard or doing guard things. During my junior year is when guard became super popular, and other guards started taking notice of us. It might have been because we were scantily clad Amazon chicks. Or perhaps it was the pole dancing that Mrs. K made me do... :)

Senior Year

My senior year was the kicker. I became captain and was given like 4 times as much responsibility as I had been given before. One of the things that did not help as much was that one of the other captains was going through a rough time that whole year, and wasn't able to be there all the time. Which meant that the other captain and I basically ran the show. The only problem with that is the other captain was a junior, and entirely new to being an officer, so it took her a while to really take control. But I love her and she is captain again this year. Beings "The Frogs" that year was SO amazing. Everyone wanted to take our picture, and know what times we were performing. It was a huge esteem booster for the whole guard.

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