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Friends Photo Album
Ariadne's Web Haven :)

Here are some pictures of my friends.

Clubbing Chicks
Sarah and I ready to go out in Tampa!! :)

Cute Roommates!
Here are the bestest roomies EVER! Aren't they cute?

Olive Garden Dinner
Meaghan and Nicole posing for super-cute picture at Michelle's birthday dinner :)

Halloween Party
Three cuties sitting on what is supposed to be a couch. But after what that thing has been through..

Halloween Party
Oh man. Doing his make-up was a hoot!

Halloween Party!
Brett and Johanna being themselves at the Halloween party/Lili's birthday party :)

Not many people I know have web sites. And if they do I don't remember them. So e-mail me if I forgot you, SORRY :)

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