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Super Cool Links
Ariadne's Web Haven :)

Live A cool place to be a part of...hehe

Winter8199 Here is a super cool web site for my friend here in Tallahassee. She's cool...go look :)

FSU Or Florida State University in lamens terms. This is the BEST school ever. I love it to pieces. Now I may not be going there next fall, but I will always be a seminole at heart :)

UT That school that is number one in the nation when it comes to their accounting program. Yeah, so that is why I might be transferring there in the Fall. We will see. If I DO end up going to UT, I will end up trying out for their dance team...I will update you all on that. :)

AIM The best IM service to date. Well at least I think so...

Wells Fargo My bank back home in Texas. It's a hoot, really. I have no fees for overdrafts hehe

SunTrust The EVIL bank in Tallahassee that I hate so much. But I have to keep going to its web site because I need to do my banking... :(

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