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Tallahassee People
Abby's Pics Hehe :-P

Here are four pics of people that I have met in Tallahassee. These are not all the people. Some of them are on the Halloween page cuz I only have pics of them from that little PAR-TAY :)


Here are Meaghan and Nicole from down the hall. We are all at Michelle's (see below) birthday dinner at Olive Garden.


Michelle!! She was SO lucky, the Olive Garden waiters danced for her on her 18th birthday!! No fair. All I got was free dinner...guess I shouldn't complain...


Here I am again. That's Sarah on the right. We are in Tampa, at Amy's house. That night we went out in Tampa to Ybor City and Sarah got trashed. I was DD so I got to watch all the drunk people and laugh...HAHAHA That was SO funny :)


And there's Eddie (left) and Sean (right). Eddie is kinda weird. But I dated him at some point so I can't really say anything... Sean on the other hand is a super cool guy. Until he does his impressions, then I am forced to run away screaming...

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